Our focus is on providing high quality surface treatment and maintenance services designed to extend plant and equipment life, improve operating efficiencies and lower costs. Our experienced Project personnel operate from a purpose-built 3,100m2 painting and blasting workshop in Henderson WA and co-ordinate a range of site based project works.

Our personnel hold a range of relevant certifications including:

  • Quality assurance personnel – NACE certification (Levels 1, 2 & 3);
  • Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP) certification (Levels 1 – 6, includes removal of Lead paint and Chromate);
  • UHP Water Jetting Assistants and Operators;
  • STOPAQ coating application;
  • Humidur coating system;
  • EONCOAT corrosion protection application;
  • Belzona SuperWrap II Composite Repair System; and
  • CANUSA coating application.

Surface Preparation

At Orontide we are proud to offer a wide range of cost effective and environmentally safe surface preparation techniques both on-site and at our Henderson based blasting and coatings facility. Our services include, but are not limited to, traditional abrasive blasting both wet and dry. We select the correct blasting media from a range of abrasives including garnet, aluminium oxide, glass bead and soda. We also offer a fleet of Zone 2 rated offshore compliant ultra-high pressure water jetting pumps, coupled with our Zone 2 rated vacuum recovery systems to ensure the safe removal of coatings, linings and contaminates in environmentally sensitive areas both on and offshore.

Our ultra-high pressure water jetting capabilities set new benchmarks in surface preparation and offer safe and sustainable preparation and removal of coating materials, paints and contaminants, decontamination of equipment, and disposal of residuals.

Our capabilities:

  • Safe and cost-effective surface preparation, including dry and wet abrasive blast cleaning
  • Safe and cost-effective track blasting techniques, high pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting
  • Stainless steel passivation (glass bead)
  • Soda blasting
  • Tungsten removal (aluminium oxide)
  • Garnet
  • Steel Grit
  • Sponge Jet
  • Dry Ice (CO2 blasting)
  • EcoQuip (Wet Blasting)
  • UHP Water Profiling
  • Confined space & working at height operations

These processes are conducted under full vacuum recovery and can be undertaken in our state-of-the-art blast room facility or on-site under full encapsulation.

Protective Coatings  

At Orontide we recognise the importance of maintaining and protecting your company’s assets. We are experienced and qualified to apply a comprehensive range of protective coatings and linings in our Henderson based workshop as well as for offshore and onshore site-based projects. These include, but are not limited to, structural steel, spooling, internal vessel linings, hand rails, tank internals and externals, concrete surfaces, deck areas and walkways.

We have been providing protective coating services for carbon steel, stainless steel and a range of exotic substrates to our customers for decades. Our solid reputation has been built on the back of our proven track record delivering safe, efficient, high quality and environmentally friendly solutions to suit Industry needs.  Our tried and tested range of coating solutions are designed to meet both your needs and all legislative environmental requirements.

Our capabilities:

  • Airless spray
  • Conventional spray
  • Plural component spraying
  • Passive fire protection
  • Inorganic and Organic Zinc Rich Primers
  • Multiple coat two pack industrial coating systems
  • Phenolic Epoxy tank linings
  • Thermal Sprayed Aluminium
  • Glass flake linings
  • High temperature coatings
  • Non-skid deck coatings
  • Surface preparation
  • Application of coating systems to prevent corrosion and provide good aesthetics
  • Comprehensive range of specialist protective coatings to external structures, tank internals, concrete surfaces, ships and offshore modules
  • Polysiloxane systems
  • Urethanes and moisture cured urethanes
  • Non-skid deck coatings
  • Polibrid and associated short pot life high performance coatings (Vinyl /Polyester and Ultra High Build coating systems)
  • Enviropeel (thermoplastic protection for corrosion control)
  • Full assessment of materials and technical recommendations
  • Degradation analysis and reporting

From the very basic of coating systems to highly advanced systems, we can deliver a quality product to meet specifications and exceed expectations.

Coatings Inspection

At Orontide we understand quality is paramount, our labour pool includes ICCOR level 2 and NACE CIP level 3 accredited coating inspectors.  Orontide inspectors carry out site-based inspection work as part of a coatings package for our clients or as third-party independent inspectors. We can provide dry hire of inspection equipment as standalone items are entire inspection equipment packages. Orontide specialise in the creation of all QA/QC documentation for our customers including but not limited to the following.

Our capabilities:

  • Project Specific Inspection and Test Plans
  • Substrate Adhesion Testing
  • Surface Testing for the presence of Salts and Chlorides
  • Particle contamination testing
  • Surface profile testing
  • Coating Thickness Testing
  • Ambient condition monitoring
  • Low and High Voltage Continuity Testing

Specialised Systems (Corrosion Control)

Our range of corrosion protection and control solutions has been built over the years through close collaboration with both our clients and materials suppliers.  Our extensive experience and innovative approach has resulted in proven long term results for our clients across industry sectors including Mining, Resources, Oil and Gas, Naval Defence and Commercial Marine.

Our specialist expertise in this area incorporates a diverse mix of applications suitable for use across a range of environmental conditions.  Our most common solutions include Enviropeel Thermoplastic Solutions, STOPAQ and Denso Wrapping options which have been used successfully in a range of mining, minerals processing, maritime and subsea environments and are carried out by experienced and certified Orontide personnel.

Orontide is a leading supplier of Enviropeel, a patented anti-corrosion system designed to manage corrosion issues in complex steel systems such as flanges and valves. Developed specifically for the offshore and maritime environments this system has been proven to withstand the toughest conditions and has been adopted successfully by our customers across the Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, and Naval Defence sectors.  Introduced by Orontide into Australia over 15 years ago, Enviropeel is now included in the Engineering specifications of major mining companies with proven life cycle cost reductions.

Other methods of corrosion protection available include ceramic coating applications for internal tank and vessel lining; STOPAQ coating for applications such as tank chine annular ring remediation; EONCOAT for sustainable corrosion protection of carbon steel assets; PU coatings for screens; and Aluminium/Zinc thermal wire arc spraying.

Our capabilities:

  • Enviropeel Thermoplastic solutions
  • STOPAQ coating system
  • Denso wrapping solutions
  • Humidur certified applications
  • EONCOAT corrosion protection
  • Tank and vessel linings
  • PU coatings for screens
  • Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) and Zinc wire arc spraying

Vacuum Recovery

We recognise the need to look after the environments in which we operate and understand that sometimes we are required to work in environmentally sensitive areas.  Our commitment to sustainability incorporates a range of waste management and recovery practices designed to protect personnel and the surrounding environment.  Our specialised equipment includes a fleet of Zone 2 rated vacuum recovery units.  Used in combination with our specialty UHP water jetting equipment and methodolgy we can recover spent waste water from coatings removal projects before it reaches the environment. This ensures that your project is carried out with minimal environmental risk.

Our capabilities:

  • Vacuum recovery and containment of most waste products
  • UHP water jetting deck cleaning using a mower with vacuum recovery
  • Semi-automated UHP water jetting of a ship’s hull with vacuum recovery
  • UHP water jetting smaller areas using SRT6 with vacuum recovery