Project Management

Our smart project management services aim to minimise downtime and maximise production uptime.  We provide conceptual solutions and systems designed to excel at all levels in your workplace.  With safety our highest priority, we ensure that all aspects of a project and all people involved from start to finish are delivered to the highest standard.  

Design Solutions and Reverse Engineering

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver customised engineered solutions that result in optimised efficiencies for our clients.  Our team of highly qualified mechanical engineers have extensive capabilities and experience working with Industry.  We have a solid understanding of the industries we operate in and know how important it is to resolve mechanical issues as safely, quickly and cost effectively as possible.  Our reputation has been built on our consistent delivery of specialised services in reverse engineering and machining to overcome supply issues and our ability to provide alternative engineered solutions that are safe and reliable.

Our capabilities:

  • In-house engineering capabilities (CAD, CFD/3D Analysis, Solid Works, SD design simulation)
  • Design and specification review
  • Design modifications and variations
  • Plant Uptime R & D
  • Design, manufacture and testing
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

All Orontide designs are supported by drawings and design calculations that meet Australian, International and Industry standards as required.

Site Inspections and Surveys

Our capabilities:

  • Perform site inspections to, prepare and develop safety and technical strategies and methodologies to improve project outcomes.
  • Monitoring surveys of objects, structures and buildings for possible settlement or deformation
  • 3-D Alignment & Symmetry surveys of machinery and systems with 3D data analysis
  • Dimensional Control surveys to ensure correct fabrication, installation, alignment and fitting of structures, piping and components.