Our business is built upon our values. We respect each other and embrace the diversity of our workforce by providing a workplace that is culturally sensitive and supportive of all employees. We offer a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that values diversity, creativity, and collaboration with opportunities for employees to connect with one another and build strong, lasting relationships.


Our large pool of skilled employees brings a wide range of nationalities and a variety of cultures that make our workforce unique and valuable to our business. We recognise and celebrate this diverse cultural landscape and the broad range of perspectives and experience this brings to our business.

Our commitment to Gender Equality is one of the key drivers to our success and has been a major strategic focus for our business.  Our vision to achieve and maintain a balanced workforce is outlined in our Gender Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.  This plan sets out clear goals and actions across a number of key areas including:

  • Leadership, strategy and accountability;
  • Developing a gender balanced workforce;
  • Gender pay equity;
  • Mainstreaming flexible working arrangements; and
  • Preventing gender based harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Our compliance with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 further demonstrates the ongoing commitment and contribution we make to improving gender equality across our business.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

As a company, we are committed to creating sustainable employment and economic opportunities for local people and industry stakeholders in the areas in which we operate and place a strong focus on providing employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through our business and our sub-contractors.

This commitment extends beyond working in local communities to include actively contributing to them, through the support and utilisation of local services.  Our partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander agencies facilitate our engagement of local indigenous talent within the WA region and enable us to build mutually beneficial relationships with these communities. Our alignment with these organisations, including the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre (AWDC), SafeSpear and Norwest Contracting and Rail, has been a valuable step in attracting, recruiting and retaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees within our organisation.

Our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was launched in August 2020.  It reflects our Group approach to how we work with, engage and support Indigenous peoples and is consistent with our core Values.  As a Reflect RAP, we acknowledge that it is the first stage in the RAP process and the next step in our journey towards making a meaningful difference to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Policy