We have had many years’ experience in providing services in remote areas and are committed to contributing to the success of your projects and the protection of your assets.

Site Inspections

Our capabilities:

  • Offshore container inspections for repair
  • Chute/hopper/feeder wear plates
  • Breakdown repairs and preventative inspections

Site Installation and Commissioning

Our capabilities:

  • Refinery and production process piping
  • Vibratory screens
  • Product drying units
  • Vent fan noise dampening

Shutdown and Campaign Maintenance

We are highly regarded for our shutdown and campaign planning and maintenance services with safety, reliability and efficiency our key focus areas.   Extensive experience has taught us how to develop, plan and execute integrity maintenance programs and, in doing so, provide solutions to solve the most difficult of challenges.

In hazardous zones where conventional hot cutting is not possible, we offer the use of UHP Abrasive Water Jetting equipment to cut materials such as steel or concrete.  With no heat generated this spark free process is a safe and efficient means of cutting in atmospheres known to contain volatile compounds.

Our capabilities:

  • Wear management solutions
  • Cold cutting

Underground Maintenance Services

Our specialised maintenance skills for underground mining operations have been developed through many years working closely with our customers to gain a solid understanding of their business, site and the unique industries they operate in.  Our strength in underground services provision is demonstrated by the broad spectrum of engineering capabilities we have established and implemented to deliver optimal efficiencies and reduced downtime on site.

Our experience has progressed significantly in recent years where we have been engaged as a major Contractor managing major project planning activities for one of WA’s deepest underground mine sites.

Our capabilities:

  • Refurbishment of production skips and  man cage riding equipment to AS 3785.4
  • Underground Ore Pass refurbishments
  • Engineering design of skips to develop man cage maintenance conveyances
  • Single and double rope crops to head frame winding ropes
  • Blasting and painting (surface & underground)
  • UHP cleaning of site equipment
  • Infrastructure maintenance (pumps, compressors, winders, skips etc.)
  • Maintenance and operation of underground and surface material handling crushers, conveyors, hoppers, pulleys and chutes
  • Underground pump stations and de-watering
  • Underground airleg support and rehabilitation
  • Underground ventilation doors and ventilation regulators
  • Underground brattice walls
  • Raise bore and pass lining
  • Underground Service Crew activities
  • General labour hire

Fabric Maintenance

We provide Fabric Maintenance services on a number of Offshore facilities including FPSO’s, platforms and islands. Equipment and Materials are loaded out in accordance with Client requirements and boat schedules, and include adequate supplies and contingency spares and repair kits to ensure that any unforeseen breakdowns or minor repairs can be carried out on board without delay. Offshore personnel are experienced in working in the close confines of these environments and rosters are supportive of a mix of work and home life balance.

Naval Vessel Maintenance

Our long history servicing the Defence and Commercial Marine Industries spans over 37 years.  Located conveniently in the Australian Marine Complex, in Henderson WA we offer considerable experience and expertise in maintenance, repairs and upgrades (re-builds) on vessels from all classes including FFGs, ANZACs, amphibious, Armidale, Mine Hunters, Submarine and Commercial.   Our experience in working with steel hulled vessels and our comprehensive approach to managing wastage are also strengths we bring to our Defence customers.

Our capabilities:

  • Protective coating application and removal (hull coating, anti-fouling
  • Ultra-High Pressure Water jetting
  • Surface treatment and preservation
  • Hazardous materials removal and disposal (inc: chromate and Lead removal)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Application of non-skid coatings (deck and wet areas etc)
  • Application of tank coatings (Fresh water, ballast & fuel tanks)
  • Blasting and painting of cut steel in our Henderson based workshop
  • Mechanical Engineering, machining and precision manufacture of steel and aluminium components.
  • Fabrication and welding of structural steel/aluminium, pressure equipment and piping to class requirements (DNV GL/Lloyds Register/Australian Standards).
  • Sheet metal fabrication/repair including cutting, pressing, bending, folding and TIG welding of sheet steel and aluminium.
  • Fabrication and welding of piping, ventilation, electrical and general service support structures (pipe hangars, cable tray supports, general load bearing structures).
  • Overhaul, precision machining, assembly and installation of equipment (pumps, valves, hydraulic units, bearings, bushes, shafts, gear boxes, heat exchangers, pipework, filtration systems, vent trunking etc).
  • Mechanical Engineering installation, alignment surveys, removal, repair and maintenance of varying equipment including but not limited to pumps, mechanical seals, valves, compressors, winches, gearboxes pressure/suction systems and cooling/heating systems.
  • Precision machining of fittings and flanges.
  • Supply of small casted or forged steel (alloy steel, Aluminium, bronze or Aluminium grade components).
  • Manufacture and welding of internal pipe sockets for anodes in various steel and CuNi grades.
  • Installation and welding of load rated tie down points in accordance with Class requirements.
  • Self-contained chemical flushes, mechanical cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers and pipe systems including fluid removal and disposal.
  • Pressure testing of systems and pipework.
  • Valve overhauls, seal kit installation, lapping and re-testing.
  • Insulation removal and installation.
  • Hydrostatic testing, certification and functional set to work of pipework and systems.


Our services include removal of contaminates that cause problematic corrosion. Our flexible multi-discipline approach to cleaning and decontamination ensures that we are able to adapt to changing conditions. We can execute a range of services from the wash-down of large open surfaces, or flush out material build-up from pipes and vessels, to the removal and handling of NORMs from within confined tank areas.