Our unique Direct Bond (DB) Ceramic Lagging system was developed to overcome the problem of frequent stoppages and repairs due to high rates of wear on ceramic rubber- back lagged pulleys.

After successful field trials including testing by Monash University the DB ceramic lagged pulley was introduced with significant improvements in reliability over ceramic rubber –back  lagged pulleys.

In 2011 Orontide was appointed a certified service provider by SKF and in collaboration  with SKF the DB ceramic lagged pulley was upgraded with new bearing sealing technology further enhancing the longevity of  conveyor systems.

Our specialised DB ceramic lagging system is applied in both our Port Hedland and Henderson Engineering Services workshops to pulleys measuring up to 1500 mm in diameter and 2.5 metres in length.

Orontide have now applied over 15 million Direct Bond ceramic tiles on pulleys and deflectors and supplied over 2500 DB ceramic pulleys to the iron ore industry.

Over the years Orontide have continued to develop this technology and have diversified its application as a proven wear management solution with significant cost savings across a wide range of new and repaired mining and materials handling equipment including chutes, deflectors and reclaimer buckets, as well as wet plant equipment such as launders, tanks and piping.