We are a leading Australian Defence Supplier

Our long and respected history servicing the Defence and Commercial Marine Industries has been established from our ability to work closely with Primes, the Department of Defence and naval defence contractors to meet tight deadlines and provide safe, high quality solutions to extend asset life.

Our work in the Defence sector includes long-term contracts such as the ASMD Capability Upgrade Programme and ANZAC Group Maintenance contracts and has seen us acknowledged for our ability to work in challenging environments and our vigilance towards safety and environmental considerations whilst working effectively with other contractors.

Our Defence industry experience, longstanding client relationships, reputation and physical location are all strengths of our business that we offer to our Defence and Commercial Maritime Clients.

We have an extensive pool of highly skilled and trained personnel with capabilities in fabrication, welding, fitting, machining, blasting, painting, insulation, cladding, UHP Water Jetting, Epoxy flooring systems and NACE qualified inspection and testing.

We are strategically located in the heart of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia.  Recognised as one of Australia’s premier shipbuilding hubs, this location is a world-class centre for excellence in manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, maintenance and technology development and provides our Defence clients with easy access to our services.

Our Industrial Services division are accredited by Bureau Veritas to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management.  This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our data and our Clients’ data is safe and secure.

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Our Capabilities

We specialise in optimising efficiencies and extending the asset life cycle through surface treatment, cleaning and preservation, engineered design, mechanical maintenance, manufacturing and installation services.

Our expertise in ship and submarine maintenance, repairs, preservation and upgrades (including re-builds) has been engaged on vessels from all classes including FFGs, ANZACs, amphibious, Armidale, Mine Hunters, Submarine and Commercial.

Orontide have a solid track record of vessel sustainment, having refurbished a steady stream of ANZAC class frigates as part of the Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD), ANZAC Mid-life Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) and Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) upgrade projects. We have been engaged as a first-tier supplier to Naval Ship Management (NSM) on the WAMA upgrade program from its commencement, providing hull cropping, tank remediation, painting and specialised coating applications, as well as complete and partial deck refurbishments and superstructure and hull remediation.

Our personnel are highly experienced in applying a wide range of different coatings systems for protective application for critical and non-critical areas on board a variety of vessels including, but not limited to, applying protective coatings to fresh water tanks, ammunition magazine decks, flight and hanger decks, engine room bilges and superstructure and below water line anti-fouling.

We have the capability to take on projects both large and small and can mobilise operations to suit your needs.

Our services include:

  • Protective coating application and removal (includes hazardous materials/coatings eg. Lead and Chromate)
  • Surface treatment and preservation
  • Application of specialised coatings to tanks, hulls and deck areas
  • Blasting and painting of cut steel
  • Hull cropping
  • Application of pipe, HVAC, refrigeration and habitation insulation
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Fabrication of all metal types (S,M,P)
  • Specialised welding to various Australian and International Standards and qualifications to Germanischer Lloyds Standards
  • Friction testing of decks
  • CNC machining and fitting
  • Cold cutting and equipment cleaning
  • Mechanical services and maintenance
  • Mechanical design and engineering services
  • Installation and commissioning

By offering a complete range of both Engineering and Industrial services, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by reducing the number of contractors our clients need to engage and therefore maximising efficiencies.

Our Experience

Our work on the ASMD Upgrade Project for all 8 of the ANZAC Class frigates entailed all aspects of surface preservation and preparation. Our experienced workforce produced outstanding results in all areas including bilges/ballast/fuel tanks, habitable compartments, weather flight and hanger decks, machinery and artillery storage areas.

Throughout this work, Orontide was acknowledged for our ability to work in challenging environments and for our vigilance towards safety and environmental considerations whilst working effectively with other contractors.

We also provide services to other Commonwealth assets including the thermally sprayed sonar arrays and components for the Collins class submarines and various other submarine search and rescue vessels such as the MV Stoker.

Some examples of our work include:

HMAS Arunta ASMD Upgrade – During 2012-2013 Orontide undertook works on this activity over a period of 18 months. This project comprised a full strip of the Hull using Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting. Preservation works were carried out on areas including the Superstructure, weather decks, a variety of tanks and bilges, WC and bathrooms and decks. Up to 40 personnel worked on this project with manning levels fluctuating depending on access and work scopes underway.

HMAS Arunta SRA11 – Between February-May 2016 Orontide undertook works on this activity. Our team carried out a large number of internal tasks including a variety of Tanks and Bilges, WC and bathrooms and decks. External tasks included Flight deck, Forecastle Deck and the Flag Deck. A major challenge during this project was the inclement weather. This resulted in an increase of manpower on the project to ensure that the works were completed in the allotted timeframe. Another challenge was the containment of waste and debris while removing the coating from the external deck areas. This was achieved through careful planning and placement of encapsulation and a clean and uncompromised surface was achieved.

IMAV Project – Full strip of Flight and Hangar Decks conducted. Deck coating reinstated with application of non-skid coating.  Coating repairs to the internal compartment and decks. Repairs include spot blasting and repairing deck head, bulkhead and decks to reinstate coatings by airless spraying and Brush rolling.

Collins Class Submarines – Orontide provided a specialised service with the application of Thermal Spray Aluminum to sonar and distributed array panels as well as the manufacturing of fenders.

Svitzer Australia – preservation contract carried out on Fremantle-based tug boat, the Svitzer Harrier, utilising high-reach equipment, mega blasters and airless spray equipment.  The work involved the application of anti-corrosive primer, tie-coats, top coat and anti-fouling.  With dry abrasive blast limited by environmental policies, 40,000 PSI water blasting was utilised to maintain schedule.

Mermaid Strait and Mermaid Sound offshore supply vessels – MMA Offshore

Work for two of MMA Offshore’s supply vessels, Mermaid Strait and Mermaid Sound, included abrasive blasting and coating application.  The work was carried out on both vessels, currently chartered to Woodside Energy Limited, whilst they were docked for an IMO survey in Henderson.

The remediation works included application of PPG paints to both the external hulls above and below the waterline and superstructures.  Both contracts were completed ahead of their allocated three-week schedule.

Ocean Warrior (Sea Sheppard Foundation) – AME Offshore Solutions

In preparation for its first visit to WA, the 50m custom built fast patrol ship spent some time in Henderson for a quick touch up before taking up residency in Fremantle.

Our Industrial Services team conducted mechanical preparation to remediate hull damage sustained during its launch from new build.  This work included re-instating the new build paint system with full coat of antifouling to the underwater hull using International paints.

Mermaid Leeuwin offshore pipeline supply vessel  – MMA Offshore

In March 2017, MMA Offshore engaged Orontide Industrial Services for preservation works to their Mermaid Leeuwin offshore pipeline supply vessel.  The work included an application of full coat of PPG paints and antifouling to the entire underwater surface area including sea chests and thruster tunnels. The total area covered was 1900 sqm of the 75m long vessel.  Antifouling and detailing of the vessel was carried out in two days with the work carried out to meet compliance for the Gorgon Project.

Westsea 11 Barge – MMA Offshore

Orontide was engaged in July by MMA Offshore to carry out preservation works on their 65m long Westsea 11 Barge. The work scope included abrasive spot and sweep blasting to the entire barge (3151 sqm) and repaint with new colour system using Jotun paints. Included in the contract was the new company logo for Austral Construction. The contract was completed in 16 days from start to finish including high pressure power wash to remove sea growth and contaminants.