Our established WA based facilities have significant experience with fixed plant equipment, Engineering repair specifications and site operational conditions.  We offer proven pro-active and continuous improvement solutions to known problems on common equipment based on condition returned through the repairs process over many years.

Our Preventive Maintenance Optimisation approach means provides our customers with maximum efficiencies and long-term cost savings.  This is achieved through our rigorous quality testing prior to despatch, long term storage protection and consignment stock facilities for critical spares.

Mechanical Equipment Repair and Refurbishment

In addition to our mechanical fitting capabilities we also offer mechanical repairs and re-fits. Whether repairs are required to be of hydraulic, pneumatic or rotable nature, we will provide the most efficient and practical solution for your operational needs.

Our capabilities:

  • Conveyor pulleys and drives, heavy duty rollers and chains
  • Pumps, gearboxes, Jack shaft and lay shaft assemblies
  • Reclaimer buckets, deflectors/chutes
  • Drive and tail shaft assemblies and rollers
  • Valves and actuators
  • Bogey wheels and assemblies
  • Fans

Maintenance Solutions

Our experience in providing optimised maintenance solutions spans many years and includes key industry sectors from mining and resources to oil and gas.  Through ongoing collaboration with our customers, we have built a strong understanding of site specific operations enabling us to deliver significant improvements to production systems and reduced down time.

Our capabilities:

  • Mechanical Engineering, machining and precision manufacture of steel and aluminium components.
  • Overhaul, precision machining, assembly and installation of pumps, valves, hydraulic units, bearings, bushes, shafts, gear boxes, pipework, filtration systems, mechanical seals, valves, compressors, winches, gearboxes, pressure/suction systems, cooling/heating systems, vent trunking etc.
  • Fabrication and welding of structural steel/aluminium, pressure equipment and piping.
  • Sheet metal fabrication/repair.
  • Protective coating application and removal.
  • Surface treatment and preservation.
  • Hazardous materials removal and disposal (inc: chromate and Lead removal).
  • Application of tank coatings.
  • Precision machining of fittings and flanges.
  • Self-contained chemical flushes, mechanical cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers and pipe systems including fluid removal and disposal.
  • Pressure testing of systems and pipework.
  • Valve overhauls, seal kit installation, lapping and re-testing.
  • Removal and installation of machinery and equipment.
  • Supply hydraulic of systems.
  • Hydrostatic testing, certification and functional set to work of pipework and systems.

Wear Management Applications (Direct Bond and Ceramic Re-lagging)

Since the introduction of Direct Bond (DB) lagging on conveyor pulleys over ten years ago, its proven success as an Engineered Solution has seen it applied across the Mining and Resources Sector.  With over 3000 pulleys lagged using our unique Direct Bond Ceramic system since 2004, we have demonstrated proven success in extending the life of pulleys and reducing costs for our clients.

Orontide Engineering Services have continued to develop the DB technology to diversify its application as an improved wear solution across a wider range of both new and repaired mining equipment. Our long history with Direct Bond (DB) for use in wear management has resulted in a range of long-term, cost-saving and reliable solutions with proven results for increased service life across a variety of applications.

The consideration of new DB applications arose from working closely with our major clients where the growing pressure of increasing production through existing infrastructure and reduced costs per tonne has become the norm.

Significant trials have since been conducted on chutes, deflectors, reclaimer buckets and wet plant equipment such as launders, tanks and piping demonstrating further success with this material.

Our unique DB system allows for the tile thickness and pattern optimisation in each application to enhance product flow across the working surfaces and improve wear life of assets in service.

To reduce and eliminate downtime we have developed in-situ direct bond re-lagging. This innovative wear management solution sees repairs conducted on-site efficiently and extends the life of assets.

Our capabilities:

  • Pulleys
  • Chutes
  • Deflectors
  • Reclaimer buckets
  • Wet plant equipment such as launders, tanks and piping
  • In-situ direct bond re-lagging

Offsite repairs (Processing & material handling equipment, pumps, valves, gearboxes)

We are currently supplying off-site repairs for a number of WA based mining and refining operations as well as for the Defence industry as a Principal Contractor.

We have developed specialised skills to enhance equipment performance and reduce the impact of operating in extreme environmental conditions.  We have the ability to manufacture and assemble crucial components and supply replacement parts using exotic materials for Mining, Defence and major offshore and oil and gas projects.

System Cleaning & Flushing

Our capabilities:

  • Sea water systems
  • Marine and aviation fuel/oil systems
  • LP and HP air systems
  • AFFF/Fire main systems
  • Fresh water systems
  • Heat Exchanger cleaning/maintenance and repair 

Specialised Products (Linings, Coatings)

We specialise in both abrasion and corrosion resistant linings suitable for processing equipment, storage tanks, transport tanks, pipe work, gaskets, sealing arrangements, potable water, pulley lagging, chutes and launders.

Our Industrial Services Team also use a Denso wrapping system as an alternative and effective method for corrosion protection.  This method is cost effective and has shown proven results in corrosion control and has been used successfully in offshore and overwater applications on pipes and risers.

Our capabilities:

  • STOPAQ Application
  • Belzona