Orontide have raised the bar with our specialist capabilities in the manufacture and maintenance of underground mine hoisting equipment resulting in a dramatic increase in reliability and safety for the Mining industry.  Large mining clients have increased their productivity in all hoisting activities as a result of equipment reliability and wear material composites selections.  Improved installation times have been reduced by innovative installation equipment design providing a significant value for our clients.

All works are carried out in accordance with Mine Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 and include operational function tests and NATA proof load test certification.

Our Manufacturing Expertise

Our expertise in large scale manufacturing has seen us successfully design and supply production skip tubs and underground shaft equipment for major mining companies.

One of our most challenging projects involved the design and manufacture of a customised skip conveyance work platform for an underground Nickel mine in WA.  This platform was an integral part of the underground mine site as it provided access to all levels of the 1.2km deep shaft for shaft remediation works to be carried out.

Safety was the key focus in our unique and meticulous approach and incorporated a number of innovative features in our design to address operational challenges and meet Mines Safety and Inspection Regulation and Australian Standards.  Special alloy materials were sourced and rigorously tested before they were deemed suitable for use and Non-Destructive Testing was conducted to ensure compliance with fabrication and welding accreditations (including ISO 3834).  The installed skip conveyance work platform measured 13 metres in height and was equipped with a compressor, water tank, fire suppression systems, camera surveillance equipment, on-board lifting aids, hand tools and seating areas for personnel.  The finished conveyance work platform was proof load tested to almost 50 tonnes.

Maintenance and Repairs to Extend Asset Life

Our experience with production skips and mine hoisting equipment extends beyond the finished product with our skills and capabilities on hand to ensure that equipment operates as efficiently as possible and operational output is maximized for the long term.  Our extensive maintenance and repair services are available to our clients after equipment has been supplied and installed.

Our work in this area includes refurbishment of an impressive 13.5 tonne production Skip Bridle for an underground Gold mine.  A full assessment was conducted before our team set to work on fabrication repairs to damaged sections.  Once the repairs were complete, the bridle was sent to our Industrial Services workshop for blasting and repainting before load testing was carried out.  After final checks in our Engineering Services workshop, the 13.5 tonne bridle was returned to our Client to resume service in the shaft.

Additional work carried out includes the full refurbishment of two 14 tonne skips over a two and a half month period for a Gold and Copper mine site in WA.  Prior to commencing the work, the skips were assessed to determine any damage and repairs needed.  With some of the supplied engineering drawings out of date, we were required to reverse engineer some of the parts including the door assembly and the wear liners for the door to ensure that they would fit perfectly and operate as required.  Light weight liners were also fitted to the skips to ensure maximum service life before being painted and finished by our team at Industrial Services and packaged up for delivery.

Orontide Skip Platform Model
Orontide Skip Platform Built
Orontide Skip Platform in position
Orontide Skip Installation