As we work hard to sustain a work environment which supports the health and safety of our people, we are also working hard to minimise the impact our business has on the environments in which we operate.

We respect the environments in which we operate and believe we all have a responsibility to manage our actions in order to protect and sustain our native surroundings for future generations.  Our commitment to the environment is demonstrated by our actions and our conscious effort to regularly monitor and review our impact on the environment and ensure steps are made to minimise our footprint.

As one of our Core Values, our focus on sustainability ensures that we are addressing our footprint proactively in our business.  Our Green Team was established to seek and communicate new and improved sustainability initiatives across our sites.

Some of the steps we have taken in the areas of energy efficiency and waste management include:

  • Regular audits of our operating systems to make sure that all equipment is used in accordance with environmental licence and regulatory requirements.
  • Inclusion of an environmental awareness module in our new online induction to engage and educate our personnel.
  • Our Waste Management SOP outlines actions and tasks we have implemented to reduce waste and its impact on the environment.