At Orontide, we are proud of our employees and what they have achieved since joining us. Our investment in the growth and development of our talented and diverse workforce has led to many exciting careers with us.

Laheeb Al Turk

Project Co-ordinator, Defence

I have been working at Orontide as part of the Orontide Industrial Services division since 2015.  As Project Co-ordinator for Defence, I can often be found on site at the shipyards in Henderson where I work closely with our Clients to co-ordinate a wide range of engineering and preservation activities for the ANZAC Class frigate upgrade programs.

Being a team player is critical to my role and communicating by listening to others is equally important. Working in a leadership role in a male dominated industry can be challenging at times but I am able to overcome these by being open-minded, supportive and flexible.

My role keeps me busy every day so I am always switched on and focused. This, and the huge variety of work that we do are the things I love most about my job.

There is a lot happening in the Defence sector in WA right now. To know that I am contributing to an industry with such rapid growth and opportunities is very exciting.

Dayna Pacey

Apprentice Machinist

I started my apprenticeship with Orontide in February 2021. I have always loved doing practical hands-on work so an apprenticeship in Fitting and Machining felt like a good fit for me. Orontide have been great to work for so far. They gave me the apprenticeship opportunity when nobody else would which gave me the confidence I needed to start learning new skills and follow my career pathway.

Being treated like any other Apprentice is something I really appreciate at Orontide. As a female working in a male dominated work environment I have been treated differently in the past, but Orontide has a different approach to other companies.

What I love most about my job is machining. Completing my first pulley shaft from scratch was a highlight for me and showed me what I am capable of and how quickly I have learned new skills. I am enjoying the variety of work that I do and the support I receive from my colleagues helps build my confidence every day.

Pedro Pavez

Senior HSEQ Advisor (Engineering)

I commenced with Orontide’s Industrial Services division in November 2011 in the role of HSEQ Advisor overseeing safety on offshore and onshore projects.

The leadership team within Orontide is honest, approachable and fair. I enjoy being part of the diversity of the projects we work on and the strong focus we have on the health and safety of our people. The understanding and support of a family friendly workplace allows me to be present during important milestones for my two boys and to be able to support my wife when needed.

My current position as Senior HSEQ Advisor within Engineering Services allows me to support our leaders to ensure our people go home safely to their families and are educated along the way. Working at Orontide is enjoyable and definitely challenging at times, but most importantly it’s rewarding!

Venu Gaddipati

Workshop Supervisor – Fitting/Machining

I started at Orontide as a machinist in July 2008 with a technical background in tool and die making.  Orontide gave me  the opportunity to develop and build my skills in machining further.

Orontide recognises skills and encourages people in career development.

Thanks to the support of Orontide management, I have been able to advance my career with the company and am now working as a Workshop Supervisor.

I like working at Orontide because of the range of challenging maintenance and reverse engineering jobs we do.

I have been with Orontide for 10 years and am still here so that explains how good Orontide are with their people.  In the future I would like to continue to increase my skills and knowledge and become Workshop Manager.

Caitlin Walke

HR Operations Manager

I joined Orontide in August 2011 in a Human Resources Graduate role.  I now work as HR Operations Manager for the Group.

I love the fast paced nature of my role and working in a number of industries gives me exposure to all areas of HR. I work in a very supportive team environment and am very fortunate to have met some amazing people whilst working at Orontide.

Working at Orontide allows me to come in to work every day doing something I love and work with great people. I am constantly learning in my role and every day is different.

Danny Ibraimoski

Operations Manager

I was fortunate enough to start to with Orontide in July 2016 employed as a QA/QC Welding Co-ordinator. I am currently Operations Manager for our Henderson Division working with an experienced team that specialise in all aspects of our mining sector.

What I value most in my role is working with a team that are loyal and committed to providing a quality service and product. I also enjoy the fast paced environment and daily challenges of being a “One Stop Shop” service provider.

Working for Orontide feels like we are one big family with continuous support at all levels.  I look forward to sharing my manufacturing knowledge with a team that is willing to grow and accept innovation and improvements.

Mamoun Alameddine

Offshore Painter/Blaster Supervisor

I started with Orontide in September 2007 as a Trades Assistant in Orontide’s Sydney Defence team.

Orontide provided the training for me to operate as a Water Blaster and achieve my Certificate III in Surface Preparation. I worked on a number of projects in Sydney as a qualified Painter/Blaster before I was given the opportunity to join the Offshore Team. I completed the required training to become an Offshore Painter Blaster and joined the Offshore team permanently in 2013. Since then I have worked on a number of different projects on various client sites and have loved the variety of the work we do. Three years ago I was promoted to a Supervisor position and was very grateful for the opportunity to continue developing my skills.

I really enjoy working in different places and sites and the work life balance of an even time roster allows me to spend more quality time off with my family. As part of the Orontide Offshore Team I have good consistency of work on long term contracts with blue chip clients.

My team is great and everyone from Management to the Painting and Blasting crew are great to work with. I have had so many opportunities and a great career with Orontide and I hope to continue that well into the future.