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Apprentices herald new era

By February 14, 2020 No Comments

Meet Emison!  Since joining our Engineering Services Henderson team in August, Emison has demonstrated her ability to forge ahead in a male-dominated work environment shaking off the misconceptions about females in trades.

Emison is one of four female Apprentices hired by Orontide in the past year.   As one of our first ever female Apprentices, Emison’s appointment heralds a new era for our workshops as we continue to push for greater diversity across our business at all levels.

Emison’s decision to take on an apprenticeship as a Boilermaker Welder stems from her early independence and motivation to build things herself.

As a horse lover, her introduction to metal work started with repairs to her horse float and building sheds to provide shade.

Emison has faced many challenges in her short time as an Apprentice, but not those you would expect as the first female to work directly alongside a skilled group of males in our workshop.

Instead, she has found nothing but support for her willingness to learn and grow and credits the team she works with for making her transition into our workforce so welcoming and enjoyable.