Our Services

The need for a high level of efficiency and versatility is absolute when offering Asset Preservation. ORONTIDE is well equipped to service this spectrum and can execute a diverse range of contracts of varying scales.

Surface preparation

At ORONTIDE we are proud that our processes and procedures are setting new industry benchmarks in surface preparation. We specialise in the removal of coatings and corrosion products by means of UHP water jetting under full vacuum recovery. We also have extensive experience in the abrasive blasting of all metal types including the removal of tungsten.

Processes can be undertaken in our state-of-the-art blast room facility or on-site under full encapsulation.

Protective coatings and coating preservation

ORONTIDE offers coating solutions that meet both customer need and all legislative environmental requirements. We are certified applicators of the most commonly used coating systems incorporating:

• epoxies
• urethanes
• moisture cured urethanes
• non-skid deck coatings
• passive fire protection
• thermal spray aluminium and zinc (TSA and TSZ)
• Enviropeel


ORONTIDE specialises in both abrasion and corrosion resistant linings suitable for processing equipment, storage tanks, transport tanks, pipe work, gaskets, sealing arrangements, potable water, pulley lagging, chutes and launders.

ORONTIDE offers a range of natural rubber in a scale including all durometers, along with a comprehensive range of chemical and petroleum resistant synthetic rubbers including bromobutyl, neoprene and nitrile.


ORONTIDE is equipped to remove contaminates that cause problematic corrosion. We adapt to ever changing conditions by providing a flexible multi-discipline approach to cleaning and decontamination. We can execute a range of services from the wash-down of large open surfaces, or flush out material build-up from pipes and vessels, to the removal and handling of NORMs from within confined tank areas.

Coatings inspection

As part of maintaining a thorough knowledge of protective coating systems, ORONTIDE is equipped with ACA & NACE certified coatings inspectors. This enables us to offer the attention to detail that will help maximise the life of a coating system and prevent the expense of premature coating failure.

Cold cutting by means of UHP water jetting

In hazardous zones where conventional hot cutting is not possible, ORONTIDE offers the use of UHP abrasive water jetting equipment to cut materials such as steel or concrete. With no significant heat generated, this spark free process is a safe and efficient means of cutting in atmospheres known to contain volatile compounds.